Brass Bronze Casting Alloy Typical Uses
Family CDA
RED BRASS CDA833 Electrical Contact Parts
CDA836 Valves, Fittings, Flanges, and Pump Castings
CDA838 Low-Pressure Valves and Fittings
SEMI RED BRASS CDA844 Hardware and Ornamental Castings
CDA848 Plumbing Fittings and Hardware
MANGANESE BRONZE CDA862 Marine Castings, Bushings, and Gears
CDA863 Heavy-Duty Gears, Bushings, and Slippers
CDA865 Pipe Plugs, Arms, and Gears
TIN BRONZE CDA903 Bearings, Bushings, Rings, and Gears
CDA905 Bearings, Bushings, Rings, and Valves
CDA907 Gears, Bearings, and Bushings
LEADED BRONZE CDA922 Medium-Pressure Hydraulic and Steam to 550° F. Marine and Ornamental Castings, Valves, and Pressure Parts.
CDA923 High-Pressure Steam Castings
CDA926 Bearings, Bushings, Rings, and Gears
CDA927 Bearings, Bushings, and Fittings
HIGH LEADED TIN BRONZE CDA932 General-Utility Bearings and Bushings
CDA934 Bearings and Bushings
CDA935 Small Bearings and Bushings
CDA937 High-Speed Heavy-Pressure Bearings and Bushings; Acid-Resistant to Sulphite Fluids
CDA938 General Service Bearings; Acid-Resisting
CDA943 High-Speed Bearings with Light Loads
ALUMINUM BRONZE CDA952 Acid-Resisting Pumps, Bearings, Gears, and Valves
CDA953 Gears; Cams; Stripper Nuts; Slippers; High-Temperature Applications; and Mining Machine Parts, Nuts, Gears, and Slippers
CDA954 Spur Gears, Nuts, Pumps, and Landing Gear Parts
CDA955 Tank Gun Recoil Mechanisms and Landing Gear Parts
CDA958 Propeller Hubs, Blades, and Other Parts