Bronze Pipe Close Nipples


Threaded Pipe Nipples ? Red Brass ? Close

Male Pipe Thread x Male Pipe Thread

The standard threaded pipe nipples featured here are designated as ?close,? which means they have no extra length between the two male-threaded ends. Our longer pipe nipples are available in the same pipe diameters as the close nipples listed below. They are located in this web category and are designated either as ?short? nipples (i.e., overall length to 3-1/2_) or ?long? nipples (i.e., overall length from 4_ to 6_).

Note: We cannot source bronze nipples, and so we offer red brass instead. Due to the difference in corrosion resistance between these two metals, using them together in a below-the-waterline saltwater environment is not recommended. Instead, we recommend using tail pieces and hose.


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